Saturday, August 23, 2008

So THAT is Why Joe Hasn’t Been Blogging!

Three days ago was the six month anniversary since my last posted blog here. From what I hear, you have to post quite frequently for a blog to be successful. Somehow, I doubt posting at the rate of twice a year is going to cut it.

That’s okay. I’ve decided I’m alright with the idea of never being a successful blogger. I simply don’t have the desire to post that frequently. And it’s not like I was ever paid. But I do have one regret: I was just begining to make a few friends who maintain some hilarious blogs, (If you’re curious, most of them can be found on and I’ve already lost touch with most of them. Hopefully soon I can catch up with their blogging.

However, my laziness and lack of friendly courtesy hasn’t been all for naught. This is because I have a new creative outlet: stand-up comedy! I’m actually pretty excited about this endeavor, because now I can be funny without any damn typing or formatting. It’s the ultimate in lazy humor!

Actually, that is a flat-out lie. The writing is actually harder. But it is more rewarding, because I actually get to hear my audience laugh. Well, if they laugh.

Luckily, in my first attempt, they did. See for yourself.

(WARNING: I was VERY nervous the first minute or so, so I really sucked. But after that I had a few jokes hit and I got pretty comfortable.)

Joe Simmons - Open Mic at The Reserve 8/10/2008