Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Not Exactly What I Used to Ask For From Santa

One sign you are getting old: You receive an electric nosehair trimmer for Christmas...and it is what you asked for.

I don't care. I love this thing. I use it everyday. I have the un-hairiest nose in the United States. At parties I'll now show off my nostrils to the other guests. I'll offer to trim their noses. "Good for any orifice!" I'll call out to them as they are leaving the party seven minutes after they arrive.

I just want to share the joy.


  1. It was the only thing that betrayed your age, those pesky nose hairs! You'll have to let Mom do your ears when the time comes (and it is coming soon)!

  2. Hey, Lori, what made you think I would do his ears? Don't you think he'd be married by then? He better be.

  3. Dont feel bad, I actually registered for matching toilet brush and plunger for our wedding, and got it. After, of course, a lot of greif from the people attending the shower.


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