Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yes! Even a Moron Like You Can Win!

I have to apologize in advance because I will be out of town on business for the next two days and will not be able to update this blog until Tuesday evening at the earliest. I realize the incredible disappointment and even emotional trauma this may cause some of you, so I have a special treat for my loyal readers.

You see, I've noticed recently that I can't go to a single website anywhere on the Internet without seeing some ugly flashing ad screaming at me that I've already won an iPod or a Motorola Razr or some other hot product that, no offense, only a complete moron would think they could actually win. I mean, only the stupidest of idiots would think they could click an Internet link and get something for nothing! Plus, they make you fill out a bunch of surveys and it's a real pain and you don't end up getting anything.

Um, so I heard.

ANYWAY, I have decided that enough is enough. Since I won't be able to post for the next two days, maybe my loyal readers can, and be rewarded for doing so! So for the next two days, anyone who posts a comment anywhere on this blog wins a 42" Sharp Aquos Plasma TV!* That is right! I am asking you to participate, and I'm paying you to do it! So take advantage of this right now! I'll see you Tuesday night!

*No need to look at the fine print here...everything the author said is true! Except the part where you get a TV.


  1. Looks like I'm the first to post - does that mean I win??? (Yea, yea, I read the details, but whatever, I'm playing the blond card on this one)! Loved your sister's blog - damn she's good!( Hope your travels find your funny butt safe at home. Your loyal readers are depending on ya...!

  2. Hi Joseph, you're right. I hate those websites that flash at you and try and throw advertising pop-ups in font of you.Google should do something about it. Graham. my website - You'll see this hasn't got any.


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