Monday, February 06, 2006

Coming Soon to This Very Blog: Actual Humor!

Due to the immense popularity of this blog (four readers and counting!), I now have people who want to post guest columns. A very good friend of mine named Larry wrote a good article on his view of women and their “market value” in the singles market. I plan to post it online as soon as I have time to draw on my elite web programming expertise and figure out how the hell to do it. Since it is a long opinion piece designed to make people think (usually frowned upon in this blog), I would have to figure out a way to post a “teaser” of it with a link to the rest of the article. I told Larry that I needed to do this so it wouldn’t take up the whole front page and confuse the readers that come here just for the humor.

“Humor?” he asked. “You're putting in a humor section on your blog? That's terrific; as one of your readers, I can't wait.”

In case you, the loyal reader, ever wonders how I came to be such a smartass, please remember this enlightening story.

Laptop Update: Since I posted an article on January 26th illustrating the problems with my laptop computer, I am sure many of you have assumed that I’ve already taken the necessary steps and had it repaired.

You stupid fool. Apparently, you have no idea what kind of procrastinator you are dealing with. The only steps I have taken to get my laptop repaired are any steps that specified bitching about it. In my defense, in that phone call on the 26th, they said they were going to e-mail me shipping instructions. They did not. So I am about to make the dreaded phone call to Customer Disservice again. I am not optimistic. All I am asking for is that, whoever I talk to, please have a triple-digit IQ. I know many of you are probably wondering who this manufacturer is. In order to protect this fine company, I will not reveal anything, except to say that their name rhymes with Dategay.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make the dreaded call. If you never see me post here again, you can safely assume I am in prison and that somewhere there is a customer service person with a laptop jammed in a very unnatural place.

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  1. You sluggard. No new material for days. You'll never get anywhere in this business unless you put in some effort. I demand my subscription fee back.
    Dave Chapelle
    Washington, DC.


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