Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Laptop Update, Part IV

I called my computer manufacturer Monday afternoon to find out the status of the craptop I sent in for a warranty repair the previous Wednesday. After keying in, at a conservative estimate, 1,826 touch tone prompts, I talked to someone who said that the latest, most up-to-date news is that they received it safe and sound last Thursday morning.

“Wait, no one’s worked on it?” I asked.

“Well, they may not have updated the repair order in our system,” he replied. “Call again tomorrow.”

Good thing I sent it priority overnight! I bet no one’s worked on it at all. It probably hasn’t even been turned on. I bet when they opened the box they laughed and decided to use it as a TV tray in the break room. Or they propped it underneath the short leg of a chair so the 350 pound man that sits there would stop rocking back and forth. Tomorrow at the company softball game they’ll probably use it for third base. Then they’ll dust it off, put it back in the box, include a note that says, “COULD NOT REPLICATE THE PROBLEM”, and ship it back to me.

The damn thing will probably work, too. Until the warranty runs out next month, that is.


  1. I hope your computer manufacturer, and my computer manufacturer (which is kinda like h*ll, only with a d?) are not one in the same. I just bought that extended mail in warranty yesterday. Wonder if you had the onsite service if it's reverse-- they show up at your place and just hang out for a while before they start?

  2. Your manufacturer has an excellent reputation. I'll probably go with them next. Extended warranties are usually a rip-off, but Consumer Reports said that when buying laptops they are not a bad idea. Apparently, laptops aren't the most reliable consumer products. I think, In Order To Serve Me Better, mine was pre-broken at the factory. Next time, I'll definitely order the at-home service so I'll have somebody to flog until my computer works again.

    I will seriously consider an Apple MacBook if I can figure out a way to load my company's Windows-based mortgage software on it.


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