Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New Blog

Welcome to the improved humor blog! Let me say right off the bat: The new design of this blog is not something I created. I had to use a blogger.com template. I have no clue how to design a website. I asked my sister, who has designed a few in her time, how I could make my own. However, as is usually the case when she answers one of my questions, I tuned her out and fantasized about Keira Knightley. So I was stuck with picking the best of the available templates.

It sucks because I know somewhere on the Internet there is probably a blog that looks exactly like this where some bratty 16-year-old emo chick is bitching about the Homecoming Queen. I think that will severely affect my coolness factor. Though, let’s face it: my blog has polka dots. Coolness is probably not something I have to worry about any longer.

(Note to emo chick: She’ll be fat and married to a loser in five years. Trust me.)

Anyway, this blog is undergoing a change of direction. I actually have two humor blogs: this one and my MySpace one. MySpace is now where I do my craziest, zaniest stuff. However, I only update that blog like twice a week. THIS blog I will absolutely update every single day.* The updates will most likely be one of the following:

1. A funny paragraph or two.

2. A humorous conversation I had

3. A short story, or

4. A link to my most recent MySpace blog.

What this means is, if you like the crap I write, and you know of both my blogs, you can’t go wrong by adding this blog to your “favorites”.**

So do it. I’ll hold my breath until you do.

*Except for some days.

**Unless, of course, the attempt to revive this blog is a complete and utter failure.


  1. Ok, I don't know much about the whole emo thing, but wouldn't the background be darker?

    Also, are we supposed to REMEMBER to check this blog, 'cause some of us actually LOOK at those myspace bulletins dont'cha know!

  2. But you look very pretty in polka dots.

    Anne aka Wholly Random

  3. ummmmm...I was a 16 yr old, (emo wasn't the or a word then)....anyways I was bitching about the homecoming queen. I'm not fat OR married! That wasn't nice. Tsk, tsk

  4. No no no....I said that the homecoming queen would be fat and married.

    You, I'm sure, are still amazingly gorgeous and single.


  5. OMG!! Does aDorkable ring any bells????
    DUH duh duh.....

  6. SEE? I was right about your gorgeousness.


  7. So you fantasize about women when talking to ur sister? I may be a pervert but that strikes me as a bit wrong.

  8. So you fantasize about women when talking to ur sister? I may be a pervert but that strikes me as a bit wrong.


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